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Writer. Climber. Philosopher. 

I’m pretty much always doing one of the above. I was born in Baltimore, MD., in 1979, and attended Colorado State University, first majoring in mathematics, then ending up in journalism and poetry. Go figure. 

After graduating, I traveled around the world with my future companion, then, once back to the U.S., entered the University of Denver for an M.A. in Philosophy and an M.A. in World Religions. I would later attend Syracuse University on a University Fellowship for a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion, awarded in 2012.

After doing some university teaching, I migrated to ed-tech, where I worked as a Learning Architect to create innovate multi-media products for companies as diverse as PBS, Amazon and Discovery, among others.

My philosophical texts—and various essays, blogs, articles, etc.—could be aptly summed up by a desire to develop an at-large philosophy, one that is free to speak to a wider public and address issues that traditional philosophy cannot address. 

The Boulder: A Philosophy for Bouldering, my first book, filled a gap that still exists in my opinion—a rich, textured philosophy of sport, grounded in the body, training, ecology, and cultural theory. As an early gymnast and subsequent climber, this text is informed by a deep knowledge of the history of philosophy layered over a life of high-end athletics.

The Infantile Grotesque: Pathology, Sexuality and a Theory of Religion, my second text, is an interdisciplinary romp in art history, film studies and psychology...all of which are needed to help explain our culture's ambivalence to the event of reproduction.

Society Elsewhere: Why the Gravest Threat to Humanity Will Come from Within, published in 2018, wonders about the look and feel of our future 'algorithmic culture,' which is, by most accounts, a foregone conclusion. This text addresses head-on how technology is changing the way we think about creativity, culture and the 'intelligence' of our Earth.

Currently, I am Editor of Rock and Ice, Ascent and Gym Climber magazines. I live and work in the mountains of Carbondale, Colorado, with my wife and two children. Current projects include a novel and a non-romanticized book on moving through the mountains.

My writing has appeared in The New York Times, Huffington Post, The Scotsman, Happy Hipocrite, Greyrock Review, Continental Philosophy Review, Counter Culture, Sierra Nevada Review, Rock and Ice Magazine, U.K. Climbing, The Baltimore Post Examiner, Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, among many others. I've collaborated with the BBC on a few occasions.

I can be reached at francissanzaro@hotmail.com