What do Zen masters, 16th-century Samurai, and Alex Honnold have in common? They are masters of awareness. Climbing is a sport of perception, and our successes and failures are matters of mind as much as body.

Written by life-long climber and philosopher Francis Sanzaro, The Zen of Climbing explores the roots of climbing, delving into sports psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and Taoism. Awareness, he argues, is the alchemy of climbing, allowing us to merge mental and physical attributes in one embodied whole. Written by the author of the classic The Boulder, this book puts the climber’s mind centre stage.

The Zen of Climbing is part of a series. The previous titles are The Boulder: A Philosophy for Bouldering and Zen of the Wild: A Philosophy for Nature.

Other books in the series include:

Available starting March 2022

The Zen of Climbing:
​A Philosophy for Climbers

Pub date March 2022
ISBN 9780992887667
UK £10.99 US $14.99
Format 160pp, 178 x 111mm

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