What does it mean to inhabit landscape as a practice and not merely as recreation? Philosopher and athlete Francis Sanzaro argues that humanity and the wild are in a mutual state of crisis, that we have forgotten how to engage with the natural world.

Unless we prioritize and cultivate our relation to the outside, the ultimate value of forests, mountains and oceans will remain a mystery.

Taking us on a thinking journey through the wilderness, Sanzaro follows all leads in his quest, getting lost and found, and taking risks along the way. Zen of the Wild discovers that nature is the very architect of our bodies.

Zen of the Wild is the third book in a series. The previous titles are The Boulder: A Philosophy for Bouldering and Zen of Climbing: A Philosophy for Climbers.

Projected publishing date Spring 2023

ISBN 9780992887674

UK £10.99

US $14.99

Format 160pp, 178 x 111mm

Zen of the Wild:
​A Philosophy for Nature

Forthcoming in 2024

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